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looks pretty good!

I saw something really great this last weekend-a preview of many almost unheard of young pitchers now on the Oakland Athletics roster.  I was pretty impressed with all of them…but two familiar names really caught my attention, one Chad Gaudin, who had what was, for Spring Training, an extended outing-and a very good one- and two, Brad Halsey, who worked a long stint against the Giants and was awesome. Maybe Halsey should’ve had that number 5 spot in the rotation…if we can keep this pitching going (Harden was pretty good too on Saturday in 4 innings), and the A’s can do offensively what they couldn’t last year, (Swisher says they can and will! We’ll hold you to that, Swish!) we just might be celebrating come October! As Pachyderm pointed out in a comment to an ignorant blog I left a few days ago, it is time to bring on the facial hair! GO A’S! ps I am charbroiled after my weekend at the ballpark in SF,but it was worth it…to see a 2-2 tie, a 6-4 victory…a peek into our new arsenal…