very excited!

I get to see the Athletics take on the Giants twice this weekend! Am I lucky or what?

We’re gonna smear ’em!



How are the A’s doing?

Just kinda wanted some opinions on how people think the A’s look in Spring Training. I am nervous but see some really bright spots on the horizon, like Rich Harden and Bobby Crosby coming back. Still, the message from Spring Training is mixed, and though people say Spring Training doesn’t count, I think it does, if only in the way the players feel about thier individual performances. I’d like to hear from some of you out there on this. Thanks, and may we all be celebrating come October!


Didn’t mean to insult Dan Haren by saying I didn’t like his facial hair. He is an awesome pitcher and i hope he stays an A’s guy for many years! Sorry, Dan!

Hello, Family!

I am new at this blogging thing, but I want to say hello to my brother Garrett, his beautiful wife Dawn, and their three great kids Mikayla, Isaac and Hunter Ray.  Hello, you guys! Blog me! LOL. Love ya! SIS

Facial Hair Disasters

What is with the A’s and facial hair? Yeuch! The chin beard thing is not too bad, but what is Dan Haren, a caveman? Haven’t seen him in a bit. Somebody please tell me he has shaved that hideous thing off his face!

And Chavy? AND Kotsay? Oh, please no more!