About ogrefan

I am, as of 2007, 37 years of age, and in my
eyes I’m still a girl. Which means that some A’s players
strike me as “cute” though my true love is the game of
baseball, not the cute guys (really). I am from a small town
in Northern California, though I originated in Los Angeles. I
work for a great lumber company called Calaveras Lumber in
Angels Camp. I was going to college but I am ashamed to say I
gave that up…I intended to be a Nuclear Physicist, can you
believe? I wanted to smash atoms! I love my work but I love
my art more-which is mosaic. I could do it every day and
never get sick of it. I don’t know whether I’m really any
good, but I sure enjoy it. Feel free to contact me if you
want, to discuss the A’s or anything at all! Kelly


my interests are baseball, baseball,
baseball, skinny puppy, baseball, baseball and baseball.
well, i also like astronomy and lots of other boring things
like collecting, reading, etc. i love the A’s more than life.
my favorite A’s player is Rich Harden-I would gladly take his
injuries upon myself just to have him