We’re *******!

Are there any bright spots in the A’s picture? If any of you can see any, let me know. I thought, when we soundly beat the Angels, that we were coming around, but the way managed to get 10 runs and still lose to the Mariners…that was depressing to say the least. It seems we’ve been getting more hits and runs lately, but we still manage to lose. How??? God help us all.

I am not a baseball know it all-I just love the game and have been rooting for my favorite team since the age of two (yes, two-not gonna admit my age but trust me, it’s a long time!) So, if I seem a little ignorant, forgive me-I’m just a fan is all.

We need to get Rich Harden back, pronto. Our pitching is pretty **** good (HAREN, WOW!), but we could be the best pitching staff around with Harden back. We need to soup up a couple of bats. How can we do it? I don’t want to see any of the guys be traded, but I’m afraid that’s exactly what will happen with some of the under-achievers this season. And everyone on the roster seems to be under-achieving right now. I’m scared! If anybody has any thoughts to share on the subject please do.




  1. oakfosho@yahoo.com

    Never count on Harden again! He is officially worthless. Just be happy about Suzuki, Cust, Buck, and Murphy getting their licks in this year. They will all be better next year. Be happy about the pitching, the majority of which we have for many years. We were bound to have a down year, now Billy will rebuild with a couple key pieces in the off season and the A’s will be ready to take the division next year.

  2. kelly

    I am starting to feel that maybe my boy Richie isn’t ever going to pitch a full season, and it kills me. None-the-less, I went and saw the A’s play the Royals this weekend, and there was much that gave me hope. (As long as we re-sign Scutaro-who was 4 for 4 with a homerun.) Yes, I agree, with or without Richie the A’s pitching is pretty **** good. A little more offense and we could be set for the next few years…

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