Can I get a win?

If I’m Dan Haren right now, I’m both furious and bewildered at my pitching record…I go out, throw my heart and soul into it, and get a no decision time after time after time. ****, I pitch great, and I get nothing. What is with that? Why can’t my team mates score me some runs?
It seems to me that Dan does come up against the other team’s aces a lot, but still, how many times have his team mates scored lots of runs for everybody but him? It seems weird to me, and here is a true example of how unfair life can be, that those last four or so starts Dan’s pitched should’ve been W’s. But no, we strand umpteen runners in every inning and Danny gets nada. Not right! He should be what, 7-2 by now? Not quite Josh Beckett but close? I myself am very frustrated, and can’t even imagine what must go through Dan’s mind in times like last night’s no decision, when he’s acing  it and nobody’s backing him up…




    Joe Kennedy!!!!! Please ask to be traded, you are by far, other than the team not scoring runs, killing us.. your pitching *****, why are you still on the team? Go back to tampa.

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