Rich Harden-back soon?

I hear Rich Harden may be back soon-for how long is what I am worried about! I think it is pretty amazing that we’re where we are #1) without Zito, #2) without Loiaza AND Harden and #3) with all the other injuries that have plagued us. Horray for the A’s TRUE ace Dan Haren-always shows up, always works hard, always does his best. Hooray, too, for Gaudin and Kennedy, stepping up nicely in the absence of the regular starters. We do have heart…is that what it is? is that why we’re doing so well? Could be…anyone with any opinions please respond! Thanks!



  1. RumorMill

    I hated when the Cardinals traded Haren for Mulder. I felt like we went after Mulder because we lost out on Hudson. Look where that got us…


    That was my reaction when I was watching the final innings of yesterday’s Mother’s Day game. You can never count the A’s out, it seems. Kind of like the Twins. You could see the excitement and team camaraderie in the dugout yesterday.


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