Harden’s injuries

Is Rich Harden cut out for this? Three or four starts, injury, three or four starts, DL again. I’m really beginning to worry. How can a major league pitcher-and a man who is used to throwing hard-be so frail? Back, elbow, shoulder…he’s more like an old man than a strapping young lad. I LOVE Rich Harden. He is a favorite pitcher of mine, and I am worried about this tendency toward injury. He could be great, not just **** good, if his body would let him. Am I stupid to be so concerned, or is this a real issue? Anybody out there have any opinions? Please voice them here if you do! Thanks!


One comment

  1. Jennifer

    It’s an issue. You aren’t the only one wondering why this young man sounds like he should be sent to the nearest convalescent home. Truthfully, I’m not sure he’s cut out for it either. Maybe he’s just not a starter, I don’t know but I’d LOVE to be a fly on the wall and hear what Billy Beane and Bob Geren think about it!!

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