We’re off!

We’re off…to a fairly stinky start! What’s going on? I know it’s early in the season but oh my gosh, we need some offense! I saw a couple of Spring Training games when they played the SF Giants, and things looked so good. The only hope seems to be the pitching…speaking of that, Dan Haren does not deserve to be 0-2! Those errors we’ve been committing so many of lately have doomed some pretty good pitching performances. That’s a real shame. Too many overthrows to first base! It’s almost like our guys are desperate and in a hurry. Calm down boys, and just do what you do best. Does anyone out there agree with me?


One comment

  1. william

    new here so bear with me.i hate to say this but the A,s don`t have any what you would call front line players.we got rid of payton , thomas and now bradley.the piching staf is onother story.haren,harden and maybe street.chevez useto be a good player, but injuries,and maybe his atitude has cut down on his producton.as for dan johnson, i never did like him as a player.he hase a funkey stance at tha plate and doesn`t seem to be ready for the pitch.buck may be a comer but only time will tell.i hope bb can get us some help or it`s going to be a long summer

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