Facial Hair Disasters

What is with the A’s and facial hair? Yeuch! The chin beard thing is not too bad, but what is Dan Haren, a caveman? Haven’t seen him in a bit. Somebody please tell me he has shaved that hideous thing off his face!

And Chavy? AND Kotsay? Oh, please no more!



  1. mlblogosphere@yahoo.com

    Welcome to the MLBlogosphere! Glad to see a new A’s MLBlog and we’ll help make sure other baseball fans know about it. Have a great season, be a Spheroid on the community blog, and have fun blogging!



  2. pachyderm42003@yahoo.com

    Oakland A’S and fascial hair is a great Athletics tradition. Back in the ’70s, Charlie Finley,the owner of the A’S back then, told his players have facial hair and long hair plus a rise in salary. So, the players did it, and lead to four division titles and three straight World Series titles, 1972, 1973 and 1974. Dan Haren may look like a caveman, but fascial goes well with a World Series ring.


    -Edgar Martinez, A’S Fan.

  3. kelly

    you know, pachyderm, you have a point there! i hadn’t thought beyond the aesthetic
    reason of it looking bad…i stand properly corrected! thanks for your post! ogrefan

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