we’re insane…

Trade Scutaro? Pursue Barry Bonds? Now I know we’re insane…I know there is a lot of time left to tweak the team, but so far I am horrified rather than pleased…

Next thing you know, none of the names will be familiar anymore. But then, there’s no loyalty in the MLB. I should admit that to myself. I guess…

Anybody out there have any thoughts to share?

Happy Turkey Day!


We’re *******!

Are there any bright spots in the A’s picture? If any of you can see any, let me know. I thought, when we soundly beat the Angels, that we were coming around, but the way managed to get 10 runs and still lose to the Mariners…that was depressing to say the least. It seems we’ve been getting more hits and runs lately, but we still manage to lose. How??? God help us all.

I am not a baseball know it all-I just love the game and have been rooting for my favorite team since the age of two (yes, two-not gonna admit my age but trust me, it’s a long time!) So, if I seem a little ignorant, forgive me-I’m just a fan is all.

We need to get Rich Harden back, pronto. Our pitching is pretty **** good (HAREN, WOW!), but we could be the best pitching staff around with Harden back. We need to soup up a couple of bats. How can we do it? I don’t want to see any of the guys be traded, but I’m afraid that’s exactly what will happen with some of the under-achievers this season. And everyone on the roster seems to be under-achieving right now. I’m scared! If anybody has any thoughts to share on the subject please do.


Can I get a win?

If I’m Dan Haren right now, I’m both furious and bewildered at my pitching record…I go out, throw my heart and soul into it, and get a no decision time after time after time. ****, I pitch great, and I get nothing. What is with that? Why can’t my team mates score me some runs?
It seems to me that Dan does come up against the other team’s aces a lot, but still, how many times have his team mates scored lots of runs for everybody but him? It seems weird to me, and here is a true example of how unfair life can be, that those last four or so starts Dan’s pitched should’ve been W’s. But no, we strand umpteen runners in every inning and Danny gets nada. Not right! He should be what, 7-2 by now? Not quite Josh Beckett but close? I myself am very frustrated, and can’t even imagine what must go through Dan’s mind in times like last night’s no decision, when he’s acing  it and nobody’s backing him up…

Rich Harden-back soon?

I hear Rich Harden may be back soon-for how long is what I am worried about! I think it is pretty amazing that we’re where we are #1) without Zito, #2) without Loiaza AND Harden and #3) with all the other injuries that have plagued us. Horray for the A’s TRUE ace Dan Haren-always shows up, always works hard, always does his best. Hooray, too, for Gaudin and Kennedy, stepping up nicely in the absence of the regular starters. We do have heart…is that what it is? is that why we’re doing so well? Could be…anyone with any opinions please respond! Thanks!

Harden’s injuries

Is Rich Harden cut out for this? Three or four starts, injury, three or four starts, DL again. I’m really beginning to worry. How can a major league pitcher-and a man who is used to throwing hard-be so frail? Back, elbow, shoulder…he’s more like an old man than a strapping young lad. I LOVE Rich Harden. He is a favorite pitcher of mine, and I am worried about this tendency toward injury. He could be great, not just **** good, if his body would let him. Am I stupid to be so concerned, or is this a real issue? Anybody out there have any opinions? Please voice them here if you do! Thanks!

We’re off!

We’re off…to a fairly stinky start! What’s going on? I know it’s early in the season but oh my gosh, we need some offense! I saw a couple of Spring Training games when they played the SF Giants, and things looked so good. The only hope seems to be the pitching…speaking of that, Dan Haren does not deserve to be 0-2! Those errors we’ve been committing so many of lately have doomed some pretty good pitching performances. That’s a real shame. Too many overthrows to first base! It’s almost like our guys are desperate and in a hurry. Calm down boys, and just do what you do best. Does anyone out there agree with me?

looks pretty good!

I saw something really great this last weekend-a preview of many almost unheard of young pitchers now on the Oakland Athletics roster.  I was pretty impressed with all of them…but two familiar names really caught my attention, one Chad Gaudin, who had what was, for Spring Training, an extended outing-and a very good one- and two, Brad Halsey, who worked a long stint against the Giants and was awesome. Maybe Halsey should’ve had that number 5 spot in the rotation…if we can keep this pitching going (Harden was pretty good too on Saturday in 4 innings), and the A’s can do offensively what they couldn’t last year, (Swisher says they can and will! We’ll hold you to that, Swish!) we just might be celebrating come October! As Pachyderm pointed out in a comment to an ignorant blog I left a few days ago, it is time to bring on the facial hair! GO A’S! ps I am charbroiled after my weekend at the ballpark in SF,but it was worth it…to see a 2-2 tie, a 6-4 victory…a peek into our new arsenal…